August 19, 2023

Top 20 Suppliers, Equipment, & Tools For Landscaping & Snow


Imagine having the power to deliver first-rate service that leaves your outdoor services businesses in awe, year after year. That’s where having the right tools for landscaping maintenance and snow and ice management jobs comes in.

In a world filled with countless tools, platforms, suppliers, and equipment options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! We have researched, tested the waters, and identified the absolute must-haves for your business.

If you’re struggling with choosing the right tool for your business, struggle no more. Say hello to a carefully curated selection of landscaping tools list that will transform how you serve your outdoor services customers.

Importance of having the right commercial tools for landscaping and snow removal equipment

Across highly competitive commercial landscaping maintenance and snow removal businesses, having the right tools and equipment is the key to thriving and achieving unparalleled success. But it takes more than just a lawn mower or a motor grader to succeed.

Whether mowing lawns, clearing snow, or maintaining facilities, strategic investments in cutting-edge outdoor service equipment and software are essential for exponential growth.

Here’s why. High-quality commercial landscaping equipment helps you:

  • Empower your team to deliver services at a faster TAT and with greater precision. From advanced lawnmowers to the most efficient snow plows, every tool saves you valuable crew hours.
  • Minimize downtime as reliable equipment reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs, sparing you from costly downtime that can hamper your productivity.
  • High-quality tools for landscapers mean you achieve professional and immaculate finishes, leaving your clients delighted and eager to recommend your services.

That’s where we come in.

20 Essential Suppliers, Equipment, and Tools For Landscaping Maintenance and Snow Removal Businesses

No need to waste your precious time, effort, and resources on trial and error. Here are the 20 must-haves in your toolbox to conquer the outdoor services industry. Check out the pricing details as well.

  1. Tracked zero-turn mower by Altoz
  2. Hedge trimmer by American Lawn Mower Company
  3. Billy Goat Debris Loaders
  4. ScoopDogg snow pushers by Buyers Products
  5. String Trimmers by CRAFTSMAN
  6. Cub Cadet® Snow Blower Accessories
  7. ECHO’s Power Pruners
  8. EGO Mowers
  9. Exmark Staris E-Series of Stand-on Mowers
  10. Ferris Ride-On Spreader/Sprayers
  11. Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mower with the Down Discharge™ mulching package
  12. Gravely PRO-STANCE® EV
  13. Greenworks pressure washers
  14. Husqvarna’s Forestry Clearing Saws
  15. John Deere compact track loaders
  16. Kubota Commercial Mowers-
  17. SCAG AerStorm™ aerator
  19. Mete-R-Matic Topdresser by Turfco
  20. Automated takeoff software by

Tracked zero-turn mower by Altoz

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Tracked Zero-Turn Mower SolvesManual trimming around water features, ditches, and low areas consumes precious hours and feels never-ending.Tracked zero-turn mower effortlessly navigates around obstacles, saving time and reducing workload.Uneven terrain and the need for precision make trimming labor-intensive and time-consuming.Equipped with a track system and rear axle torsion suspension, the mower efficiently tackles slopes and uneven terrain.Maneuvering around obstacles results in slower progress and extended project timelines.Better traction, minimal ground pressure, and stability ensure faster and smoother navigation, cutting project times.Manual trimming leads to uneven cuts, missed spots, and compromised landscape aesthetics.Enjoy consistent and even cuts, enhancing the overall appearance of the landscape.

That’s where we’ve picked the right tools for landscaping for you. Altoz’s tracked zero-turn mower is the first of its kind in the industry.


Altoz’s tracked zero-turn mower’s TRX SERIES models start at $15,999, and ALTOZ TSX series models start at $17,999.

Hedge trimmer by American Lawn Mower Company

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Hedge Trimmer Will SolveAchieving precise cuts for intricate hedge designs is challenging.Powerful motors and efficient cutting mechanism reduce the risk of uneven cuts and over-pruning.Manual hedge trimming is skill-intensive, leading to uneven cuts and over-pruning risks.The hedge trimmer’s sharp blades ensure precise and clean cuts, even for intricate patterns.Hedge trimmer’s sharp blades ensure precise and clean cuts, even for intricate patterns.Ergonomically designed hedge trimmer accommodates various hedge types and sizes.

A reliable and efficient hedge trimmer can transform how you approach hedge maintenance. Our pick is American Lawn Mower Company’s hedge trimmer.


American Lawn Mower Company’s hedge trimmers are priced over $70.

Billy Goat Debris Loaders

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Debris Loader Will SolveIncomplete clean-up due to inadequate suction power.An insufficient reduction ratio leads to frequent unloading trips.Insufficient reduction ratio leads to frequent unloading trips.Heavy-duty units with armor plate steel impellers provide a 12:1 reduction ratio, reducing debris volume and unloading frequency.Higher fuel costs and operational expenses due to frequent unloading.Optimized crew efficiency and reduced unloading frequency lead to minimized fuel costs and operational expenses.

Our pick is Billy Goat’s Debris Loaders, amongst the tools for landscaping.


You can log on to Billy Goat’s website and request a quote for their debris loaders. They offer 13 HP, 14 HP, 18 HP, 29 HP, and 37 HP heavy-duty units.

ScoopDogg snow pushers by Buyers Products

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Snow Pusher Will SolveCompanies face the challenge of clearing heavy, wet snow from large areas is time-consuming.Snow pusher attachments, compatible with skid steers, loaders, and more, streamline snow removal, making it more efficient.Traditional plows leave behind uneven surfaces and impede access.Snow pushers ensure even clearing, maintaining smooth surfaces, and enhancing premises accessibility.Labor-intensive snow removal affects efficiency and productivity.Utilize snow pusher attachments to improve snow removal operations, reducing labor intensity and increasing overall efficiency.

Our team recommends the ScoopDogg snow pushers by Buyers Products.


You can visit ScoopDogg’s website to locate a dealer and enquire about the pricing.

String Trimmers by CRAFTSMAN

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a String Trimmer Will SolveInaccurate cuts result in uneven edges and an unprofessional appearance.Enjoy powerful and precise trimming, ensuring clean-cut edges along fence lines and walkways for a neat and professional look.Inadequate power makes it difficult to handle dense vegetation and weeds.Efficiently tackle thick grass, tough weeds, and dense vegetation, reducing the need for repeated passes.Uneven and messy trimming impacts the overall quality of workmanship.Get controlled trimming capabilities, allowing landscape crews to achieve consistent and even cuts, enhancing the overall quality of the landscape.

We recommend CRAFTSMAN String Trimmers.


The string trimmers’ prices start from $85, and you can visit their site to buy the products via LOWE and ACE.

Cub Cadet® Snow Blower Accessories

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Snow Blower Accessories Collection Will SolveDealing with heavy snowdrifts slows down the snow-clearing process.Snow blower accessories save crew time and reduce physical strain by making snow removal more accessible and efficient.Limited visibility during low-light conditions poses safety risks.The snow removal process is labor-intensive and physically straining.Snow blower accessories save crew time and reduce physical strain by making snow removal more accessible and efficient.Snow blower accessories save crew time and reduce physical strain by making snow removal easier and more efficient.

We recommend the Cub Cadet® snow blower accessories collection for tackling the worst of winter by enhancing your snow removal capabilities.


The prices for snow blower accessories range from $4 to $154. You can check out their website for more details.

ECHO’s Power Pruners

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Power Pruner Will SolveClimbing trees or using ladders is dangerous and time-consuming.Landscaping crews can safely prune trees at heights up to 16 ft with their feet on the ground.Inadequate cutting power of traditional hand pruners.Enjoy optimum chain lubrication and can handle larger branches and thicker foliage.Incomplete cuts, damaged branches, and compromised tree health.Get precise and complete cuts, promoting healthier trees. Durability reduces maintenance and downtime.

And hence our research reveals that ECHO Power Pruners® featuring an automatic oiling system for, can help.


The cost of these products ranges anywhere between $419- $599.

EGO Mowers

Problems You Currently FaceProblems a Powerful Mower Will SolveDemanding workloads, harsh weather conditions, and tight schedules during peak seasons.Battery-powered, weather-resistant mowers ensure efficient and effective mowing.Insufficient power to handle various terrain conditions and grass types.Exceptional cutting speed and power tackle thick or overgrown grass with ease.Traditional mowers lack speed, hindering quick job completion.Powerful mowers exceed the performance of gas-powered alternatives, allowing efficient completion of tasks.Poor durability and resistance to harsh conditions affect equipment and workmanship.Weather-resistant construction and robust design ensure longevity and reliability even in challenging environments.

We recommend switching to the EGO Mowers collection.


This costs $849. Click on “where to buy” on their page and go to the aggregator sites hosting their tools for landscaping.

Exmark Staris E-Series of Stand-on Mowers

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Stand-on Mowers Will SolveNeed for maneuverable mowers to access narrow gates and tight areas.Compact size and operator-friendly design enable easy access to tight spaces.Physically demanding and tiring process of pushing and maneuvering walk-behind mowers.Stand-on platform allows operators to step on and off comfortably, reducing physical strain.Choose from 32- or 36-inch cutting decks designed to fit through 36-inch gates for maximum productivity.Debris buildup in cooling systems affects engine longevity.Rotating the grass chopper screen minimizes debris, enhancing the engine’s durability and lifespan.Rotating grass chopper screen minimizes debris, enhancing the engine’s durability and lifespan.

Hence, next on our list is the Exmark Staris E-Series of stand-on mowers.


The products range from as low as $9,899 or $182 monthly. You can request a quote from them on a choice of 32- or 36-inch cutting decks.

Ferris Ride-On Spreader/Sprayers

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Ride-On Spreader/Sprayers Will SolveInconsistent results and suboptimal treatment due to the same mixture for all properties.Precision application tailored to specific lawn needs ensures optimal treatment effectiveness.Inconsistent results and suboptimal treatment due to same mixture for all properties.Precise application and consistent coverage result in improved treatment outcomes and customer satisfaction.Extensive physical labor and difficulty maneuvering through tight spaces with traditional spreaders and sprayers.Ride-on design offers superior maneuverability, better stability, and good traction for comfortable operation in challenging areas.

Our list has a solution. We recommend: Ferris Ride-On Spreader/Sprayers.


You can visit their website to locate a dealer and get the MSRP, which starts from $32,249.

Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mower with the Down Discharge™ mulching package

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Zero-Turn Mower with Down Discharge™ Mulching Package Will SolveDuring lawn maintenance, a cumbersome task is dealing with grass clippings, leaves, and debris.All your finely cut clippings are directed back into the turf, acting as a natural fertilizer.Improper disposal leading to thatch buildup, hindering grass growth and development.
Reduces thatch buildup and enriches the soil with essential nutrients, promoting healthier grass growth.Traditional mowers struggle with tough grasses and uneven terrains, resulting in inconsistent cuts.Improper disposal leads to thatch buildup, hindering grass growth and development.

We recommend the Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mower with the Down Discharge™ mulching package.


You can visit their website for a quote on the mulching package.


Problems You Currently FaceProblems EV Electric Power Mower Will SolveLong hours and frequent gas refills slow down crews’ productivity.No more time-consuming stops to refuel – swap in fully-charged batteries quickly.Frequent gas tank refills disrupt workflow and waste time.Avoid dealing with gas-related maintenance and refueling interruptions.Gas-powered equipment contributes to environmental pollution and higher operating costs.Enjoy eco-friendly operation with zero emissions and reduced operating expenses.

We recommend the Gravely PRO-STANCE® EV, a game-changer in the industry.


The EV series cost ranges between $23,000 and $33,000.

Greenworks pressure washers as tools for landscaping cleaning

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Pressure Washers Will SolveOutdated and underpowered pressure washers hinder productivity.Upgrade to high-powered pressure washers for efficient and effective cleaning.Inadequate equipment leads to time-consuming and ineffective cleaning.Achieve quick and thorough cleaning with high-pressure output and adjustable settings.Low-powered pressure washers struggle to remove stubborn dirt and stains.Benefit from varying PSI ratings from 600 PSI to 3000 PSI and specialized nozzles for different cleaning tasks.Lawn care and landscaping crews require efficient equipment for demanding cleaning tasks.Choose from corded or battery-powered models with convenient mobility features.

Our list recommends Greenworks pressure washers.


The pressure washers can range anywhere between $19-$820.

Husqvarna’s Forestry Clearing Saws

Problems You Currently FaceProblems the Forestry Clearing Saw Will SolveClearing rough and challenging terrains is difficult.Empower your crew with a powerful and advanced clearing saw.Dealing with dense bushes, overgrown areas, and uneven terrain is demanding.Handle tough tasks like clearing small trees and brushwood with ease.Lack of maneuverability and precision in clearing equipment.Benefit from optimized tubes, towers, and bevel gears for better maneuverability and precision.User comfort and productivity are compromised.Prioritize user comfort and productivity with ergonomic design.

And there’s a flurry of clearing saws available in the market. Here, our list recommends Husqvarna’s forestry clearing saws.


The models can range between $669 and 1499.99.

John Deere compact track loaders as tools for landscaping material clearing

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Compact Track Loaders Will SolveLimited productivity and efficiency due to inadequate equipment.Boost productivity and efficiency with powerful compact track loaders by minimizing and achieving solid results on the first attempt.Struggle to navigate rough and uneven terrains effectively.Achieve superior traction and stability on uneven terrains with advanced loaders.Inability to access narrow pathways and tight spaces.Navigate tight spaces, hard-to-reach areas, and obstacles easily with compact size and maneuverability and expand work scope with versatile attachmentsOutdated loaders slow down operations involving heavy materials.Move large amounts of landscaping materials efficiently with lifting capabilities.

Our find is John Deere compact track loaders.


Prices range between $72,553 and $115,214.

Kubota Commercial Mowers as superior cutting tools for landscaping

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Commercial Mowers Will SolveTackling large-scale projects with inadequate equipment.Handle large-scale projects effectively with superior cutting performance with reliable commercial mowers.Struggling to maintain expansive lawns and parks.Easily maintain expansive lawns and parks by minimizing downtime & maximizing working hours.Navigating challenging and uneven terrain is difficult.Maneuver effortlessly on demanding terrains with specialized equipment.The time-consuming mowing process affects productivity.Increase productivity by covering more ground in less time with speedy mowers and experience comfort with ergonomic design.

If you want to upgrade, our pick is the Kubota Commercial Mowing fleet.


The model pricing starts from $12,299.

SCAG AerStorm™ aerator

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Powerful Aerators Will SolveInadequate aeration process leads to poor turf quality.Achieve consistent and precise aeration for healthier and vibrant lawns.Lack of power and precision in current aerators.Experience powerful and efficient aeration for effective soil penetration.Cumbersome and inefficient aerators slow down productivity.Complete aeration tasks faster and more efficiently with a stand-on aerator and enjoy all-day comfort and ease of use with ergonomic design and user-friendly controls.Increasing labor costs due to slow and inefficient operations.Reduce labor costs and increase productivity by using powerful and effective aerators.

The right aerator can make all the difference. We recommend SCAG AerStorm™ aerator.


The AS30-23CV model is worth $14,542 (MSRP), and the AS30-23CV-DS model is $15,199 (MSRP).


Problems You Currently FaceProblems Heavy-Duty UTV Plows and Spreaders Will SolveLimited maneuverability of traditional plows and spreaders.Enjoy exceptional maneuverability designed specifically for UTVs.Bulky and difficult-to-navigate equipment hinders productivity.Easily navigate narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas with UTV plows and spreaders.Slower completion times and increased costs due to obstacles.Compact design and advanced features ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.Uneven snow clearance and multiple passes required.Enjoy adjustable blades, precise controls, and superior traction for excellent snow removal.Inadequate distribution of salt and sand for ice control.Effectively handle materials like salt and sand for even distribution and efficient ice control.

Turn to the SnowEX Heavy-Duty UTV plows and spreaders.


Click on “Power Match” on their website to find a dealer and enquire about the prices of their tools for landscaping.

Mete-R-Matic Topdresser by Turfco, better coverage tools for landscaping

Problems You Currently FaceProblems New Age Topdressers Will SolveUneven and inconsistent topdressing across lawns and turf areas.Self-propelled Mete-R-Matic Topdresser navigates easily around lawns and smaller turf areas.Difficulty in navigating smaller turf areas and tight spaces.Ensures even coverage with minimal effort.Labor-intensive and time-consuming manual topdressing.Delivers uniform topdressing applications for consistent results.Impact on productivity and efficiency due to slow topdressing process.Streamlines the topdressing process, saving time and resources.

Our research reveals a solution, Mete-R-Matic Topdresser by Turfco, with over six decades of expertise.


Get a quote from them by emailing Turfco at

Automated takeoff tool for landscaping by

Problems You Currently FaceProblems Automated Takeoff Software Will SolveManual property measurements lead to slow sales’s automated takeoff software provides a one-stop solution for efficient measurements.Manual measurements take time away from customer relationships and refining estimates.Save 95% of your measurement time on one-off and multi-site takeoffs with measurements result in inaccurate estimates and overbidding.Ensure accurate estimates with 98+% takeoffs and eliminate overbidding with automated takeoff software.Slow bidding processes limit sales pipeline and quota achievements.Speed up bidding processes and expand your sales opportunities for your BDs with automated measurements.

Be it landscaping maintenance or snow and ice management jobs- if manual tools for landscaping measurements like Google Maps or iLawn are causing delays, it’s time to address the bottleneck.

Automated Property Measurement Software for Landscaping and Snow Businesses

With just a minute of setup, you can be notified when the measurement is complete, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of manual takeoffs. Your takeoffs are built on the latest aerial imagery, ensuring that you have accurate takeoffs for your estimates.

Try it for free and experience the difference it can make in your commercial landscaping and snow business.


You can sign up for’s platform for $299 only. And measure the first two sites of your choice for free of cost.

Summing up your list of must-have tools for landscaping and snow businesses

Don’t settle for mediocrity; equip your team with the tools for landscaping and snow they need to excel, and watch your business flourish like never before.

And for all your landscaping and snow removal site measurement needs, we are just a click away. Schedule a personalized demo with our team, and let us figure out how we can scale your sales success.

Discretion: Please note that the views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or endorsements of the company. This blog aims to provide informative content and recommendations about the tools for landscaping maintenance and the snow removal industry. Additionally, we recommend reading customer reviews, checking ratings, and conducting research to make informed buying decisions.


What equipment do you use for landscaping?

A range of equipment and tools for landscaping is essential for maintaining outdoor spaces. This includes lawnmowers for precision grass cutting, edgers for crisp borders, leaf blowers for debris clearance, and hedge trimmers for shaping greenery. These tools help ensure efficient maintenance and seasonal upkeep.

How do you measure landscaping materials?

Landscaping materials are typically measured by volume or weight. Common measurements include cubic yards for soil, mulch, gravel, and pounds or tons for larger aggregates like rocks or boulders. Precise site measurements are crucial for accurate planning and implementation.

What is the most versatile landscaping machine?

Among the array of landscaping equipment available, the stand out in terms of versatility is the compact track loader. This powerful machine can be fitted with various attachments like buckets, augers, and trenchers. It’s adept at tasks ranging from heavy lifting and excavation to precise grading and material placement.