December 19, 2023

Welch StripeCo Speeds Up Bidding Process with

Case Studies

Meet Chris Welch, the owner-operator of Welch StripeCo. Located in the heart of Oklahoma, Welch StripeCo specializes in parking lot maintenance services, including striping, asphalt sealcoating, crack filling, pressure washing, and more.

Catering primarily to commercial clients but also handling residential projects, they have established a robust presence in their service area.

Key Wins for Welch StripeCo with

Let’s dive into how Welch StripeCo did property measurements prior to using and the way things changed once they switched to AI-based takeoffs.

Welch StripeCo’s Challenges Before

Prior to, Welch StripeCo., relied on traditional, time-consuming methods for site measurements. Chris and his team found themselves dedicating hours to measure job sites, time that could have been used for acquiring new projects.

Before I started using’s automated measurements for paving, my team was wasting a lot of time out in the field. It was taking me hours of measurements for jobs that I wasn’t certain to get,” adds Chris.

The Decision to Switch to

The turning point came when the need to reclaim lost time became apparent. Attracted by’s promise of efficiency and its advanced mapping features, Welch StripeCo. made the switch.

The aim was clear: to save time on field measurements, particularly for services like sealcoating, where precision and speed are vital.

You know how frustrating it is for you as a business owner whenever a potential customer calls you–you send out estimates, spending hours measuring a property only to lose out to the lowest bidder,” explains Chris about how speed to market is key.

WelchStripe Co Saves Nearly 15 Hours Per Week With

We were using old, outdated, traditional methods to accomplish our estimating goals. On average, we saved 10-15 hours a week from using

Switching to’s automated property measurements led to significant time savings and efficiency boosts, for the team at Welch StripeCo, including the following:

  • A drastic increase in the number of proposals sent out, thanks to the time saved.
  • Improved professionalism and precision in their bids.
  • Enhanced communication and transparency with clients, aided by detailed, color-coded HD sitemaps.
  • An uptick in opportunities and client engagements due to the quicker turnaround.

Professionalism in Bidding and Communication

The adoption of has not only streamlined operations but also elevated the company’s professionalism. The printable PDFs provided by the software have become a hit with paving clients, offering clarity and detail that were previously unattainable.

Incorporating Attentive in our business model has made us look 1000x more professional with the proficiency in the numbers. This, in turn, helps us give numbers in precise detail to our customers. We love the PDFs that are printable! We send it with our proposals, and our customers absolutely love it,” adds Chris.

Attentive Customer Support Experience for Welch StripeCo

Chris rates’s customer support highly, emphasizing their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing concerns and queries.

Technology’s Role in the Paving Industry has not just been a tool for Welch StripeCo; it represents a leap in how tech has evolved within the paving and striping industry. According to Chris, is leading the charge in innovation, significantly outperforming other paving software solutions in the market.

If you want to save time, money, and resources, you must switch to! immediately!

Take Your Paving Business to the Next Level with

Welch StripeCo’s experience with illustrates the profound impact that the right technological tools can have on a business. For companies looking to enhance their efficiency and elevate their service offerings, stands out as a must-have tool in your arsenal.

Are you ready to experience the difference? Make the switch today and see your business transform. Sign up and measure your first two sites for free.


Why did Welch StripeCo decide to switch to

The need to save time and improve the precision and speed of service estimations, such as seal coating, prompted Welch StripeCo to adopt’s automated measurements.

How did improve Welch StripeCo’s bidding process?

By switching to’s automated property measurements, Welch StripeCo was able to cut their site measurement time in half, allowing them to send out more proposals with greater accuracy and detail.

What feedback have clients given Welch StripeCo since using’s technology?

Clients have responded positively, appreciating the detailed, color-coded HD sitemaps and the precise, professional proposals enabled by