December 27, 2023

Winning Bid On Landscaping Jobs: All Your Qs Answered

Bidding and Estimation

Winning bid on landscaping jobs hinges on more than just pricing—it's about accuracy, understanding client needs, and responding fast. The landscape of bidding is evolving, and with Accelerate's sales module, your business can navigate this terrain more effectively than ever before.

Let’s dive right in.

5 Winning Strategies To Master How To Bid On Landscaping Jobs

In this guide, we'll dissect the bidding process and reveal how Accelerate streamlines each step to ensure your bids are not only competitive but also profitable.

Here are 5 must-do things for you to switch up how you bid on landscaping jobs:

  1. Using a landscaping bid template
  2. Perfectly crafting your landscaping bids
  3. Tap into data as you bid on landscaping jobs
  4. Learning from landscaping bid examples
  5. Navigating commercial landscaping bids

Utilizing a Landscaping Bid Template

Start with a robust template that streamlines the process, ensuring that all necessary components are included. This ensures that you ultimately create a standardized & scalable process for your team to follow in the future.

A comprehensive landscaping bid template acts as a checklist, ensuring you don't miss any critical costs or project steps.

Accelerate's bid templates provide a comprehensive foundation, ensuring all costs and project steps are accounted for, leading to standardized and scalable processes.

Perfectly Crafting Your Landscaping Bids

Detail the scope of work with precision, ensuring every aspect of the job is included. Provide clear timelines and deliverables to set realistic expectations with the client.

Detailed landscape estimate & custom proposals with Accelerate to bid on landscaping jobs better
Detailed landscape estimate & custom proposals with Accelerate

With Accelerate, details are seamlessly integrated, from the scope of work and property measurements to clear deliverables, setting realistic expectations right from the start.

Tap Into Data As You Bid on Landscaping Jobs

While you should be proactive and quickly responsive to bid requests, you must spend time using historical data and analytics. To inform your bidding, ensuring competitiveness and profitability.

As you automate your landscaping sales process–takeoffs, estimates, and proposal creation with Accelerate, you can invest your bandwidth into analyzing the kind of projects you’ve been winning,

Learning from Landscaping Bid Examples

Analyze successful landscaping bid examples to understand what makes them stand out. Incorporate industry best practices into your own bids to enhance their effectiveness.

Create a detailed, editable, and custom proposal when you bid on landscaping jobs
Create a custom landscaping proposal template

Navigating Commercial Landscaping Bids

Understand the larger scale and complexities of commercial landscaping bids. Ensure compliance with commercial requirements and regulations, which can often be more stringent than residential projects.

How to bid landscaping jobs faster & accurately: 9 Best Practices To Keep In Mind 

  1. Assesing project risks
  2. Contingency costs without overcharging
  3. Communicating the landscaping estimate clearly
  4. Negotiation techniques that protect margins
  5. Benchmarking commercial landscaping bids against industry standards
  6. Connecting Estimates to Landscape Operations
  7. Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement
  8. Keeping the Dialogue Going
  9. Adjusting Bids Post-Feedback

Assessing Project Risks

Identify potential risks such as weather delays or supply chain issues. Assign a cost to these risks based on probability and potential impact, creating a transparent contingency line item in your bid.

Contingency Costs Without Overcharging

Educate your clients on the necessity of contingency funds for unforeseen circumstances. Emphasize that this is a safeguard for both parties, ensuring project completion without compromising on quality or timelines.

Communicating the Landscaping Estimate

When discussing the landscaping estimate, clarity is key. Use layman's terms to explain cost breakdowns and ensure your client understands each part of the proposal. Visual aids like sitemaps with property features color-coded can be particularly effective here.

Automated landscape maintenance and construction takeoffs with Accelerate- the only end-to-end landscaping business management software
Automated landscape maintenance and construction takeoffs with Accelerate

Under materials, list not just the type but also the grade and potential suppliers. For labor, differentiate between skilled and unskilled work hours. Remember, precision in cost-based landscaping maintenance & construction estimates builds the credibility of your bid.

Detailed cost & assembly based landscape construction estimates on Accelerate
Detailed cost & assembly based landscape construction estimates on Accelerate

Negotiation Techniques That Protect Margins When You Bid On Landscaping Jobs

Negotiation is an art. Be prepared to explain the value behind each line item. Offer alternatives and solutions rather than discounts, like phased work plans or material substitutions that keep the project within the client's budget without reducing your margins.

customer shaking hands with your team member

With a proposal featuring accurate measurements, detailed cost-based estimates, and HD sitemaps, you ensure that your client and you are on the same page.

Benchmarking Commercial Landscaping Bids Against Industry Standards

Stay updated on industry standards for pricing and quality. Use this knowledge to benchmark your estimates, ensuring they are competitive and justifiable.

Connecting Estimates to Landscape Operations

Ensure your estimates are realistic by aligning them with operational capabilities. Facilitate a feedback loop where operations teams can report back on the accuracy of estimates to refine future bids.

Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement

Incorporate a post-project analysis into your process. This will allow you to adjust your estimating practices over time, continually increasing accuracy and reliability.

Keeping the Dialogue Going

After submitting your proposal, establish a follow-up routine. Reach out at regular intervals to keep your bid top of mind and to demonstrate your commitment to the project.

Adjusting Bids Post-Feedback

Be ready to fine-tune your proposal based on client feedback. Whether it's scaling back scope or adjusting timelines, show flexibility while maintaining the integrity of your original bid.

Accelerate's proposal editor is a game-changer for you. With its intuitive interface, you can easily customize and fine-tune proposals, helping you make quick last-minute adjustments, integrate client feedback, and maintain a consistent brand image across all proposals.

Creating In-depth Estimate When You Bid on Landscaping Jobs

Besides best practices, in-depth cost component analysis is key when it comes to how to bid landscaping jobs so that you win.

  1. Breaking down costs meticulously
  2. Calculate overhead with precision
  3. Job scripting: The blueprint of efficiency
  4. Parking the truck: The first move
  5. Equipment Placement: Maximizing Resources

Let’s look in detail.

Breaking Down Costs Meticulously

Another crucial aspect in how to bid landscaping jobs, to ensure accuracy, dissect each element contributing to the overall cost.

Calculating Overhead with Precision

Accurately incorporating overhead is non-negotiable. Allocate a section of your landscaping estimate for indirect expenses such as administrative salaries, utilities, and insurance. Use industry-accepted percentages or actual historical data from your business to inform these figures.

Check your overall landscape estimate summary with all costs accounted for
Check your overall landscape estimate summary with all costs accounted for

Job Scripting: The Blueprint of Efficiency When You Bid On Landscaping Jobs

Job scripting turns your plans into a tangible roadmap for your teams. This isn't about overbearing control. It's about providing a clear, efficient path to follow, which is crucial in competitive bidding scenarios like commercial landscaping bids.

Parking the Truck: The First Move

Where you park the truck sets the tone for the day. It's about logistics, safety, and efficiency. Plan this out and communicate it clearly to your team.

Equipment Placement: Maximizing Resources

Determine the best locations for your equipment. Place the largest mowers on the biggest areas of the lawn first, for example, to maximize efficiency and minimize time waste.

Take Your Landscaping Bidding To New Heights with Accelerate

Ready to transform your bidding strategy and achieve new heights in sales success? Discover the power of Accelerate today, book a personalized demo, and talk to our team. Let's grow your business together, one winning bid at a time.


What do most landscapers charge per hour?

On average, rates can vary from $50 to $100 per hour. Most landscapers charge an hourly rate that can vary widely depending on the region, the complexity of the job, and the experience level of the landscaping professionals. However, it's essential to factor in additional costs such as materials, equipment, and overhead when providing a comprehensive quote to clients.

What should a landscape proposal include?

A landscape proposal should include a detailed scope of work that outlines all services to be provided, material and labor costs, project timelines, and deliverables. It should also include terms and conditions, payment schedules, and any contingencies or potential additional costs. With Accelerate's proposal editor, these elements can be easily customized to fit the specific needs and expectations of each client.

How do I write a landscape proposal template?

Writing a landscape proposal template involves creating a structured outline that can be adapted for various projects. Start with a clear introduction, define the scope of work, list detailed services and associated costs, and provide timelines. Don't forget to include legal terms and conditions and space for client acceptance. Accelerate's templates offer a robust starting point, ensuring you cover all necessary components and can scale your process effectively.