July 24, 2023

12 Crucial Outdoor Industry Automated Takeoff Software Stats You Need To Know


Questions must be swirling through your head: How many outdoor services businesses use automated takeoff software? Does automating takeoffs save time? Is the only benefit of using automated takeoff software time savings? 

To answer these questions, we’ll give you concrete numbers on switching to automated takeoff software. We surveyed over 350 outdoor services businesses that use Attentive.ai’s automated takeoff software for site and blueprint takeoffs. And the results are in.

Benefits of using automated takeoff software

Unlocking Success for Outdoor Services Sales Teams: 12 Automated Takeoff Software Stats

Discover the remarkable ways automated takeoff software can revolutionize the sales landscape for outdoor services businesses. We gathered insights surveying over 350 outdoor services businesses comprising landscaping maintenance, paving maintenance, and snow removal companies. 

Here’s a powerful snapshot of how automated takeoff software transforms the sales process. Also, empowering sales teams, BDs, estimators, and account managers to do more in the industry.

  1. 91% enhanced time-saving and accuracy in estimates
  2. 41% cut their bid turnaround time in half
  3. 34% leveraged color-coded HD sitemaps for better collaboration & communication
  4. 21% built trust with prospects using hyper-detailed sitemaps
  5. 17% used maps to guide their ops team effectively
  6. 13% collaborated with customers and subcontractors better using HD sitemaps
  7. 48% made proposals more presentable with sitemaps 
  8. 21% boosted the bid win rate by more than 30% 
  9. 70% enhanced their sales process and interdepartmental collaboration
  10. 54% streamlined their sales process
  11. 19% increased bandwidth for strategic tasks
  12. 29% now have better proposals; better win rates 

91% of outdoor services businesses report enhanced time-saving and accuracy with automated takeoff software

Switching to automated takeoff software for bidding landscaping, paving, and snow jobs has empowered sales teams to save time and achieve better accuracy. An astounding 91% of outdoor services businesses reported these benefits. 

Accurate estimates time savings automated takeoff software stats

By streamlining on-site measurements, sales professionals can focus more on customer engagement and prospecting new leads, now a priority for 40% of users. Since they are no longer manually estimating costs, the chances of inaccuracy drop to near zero.

Refine estimates send more bids automated takeoff software stats

Moreover, 76% of customers utilize their saved time to refine estimates and send out more bids, maximizing their sales efforts. This is a differentiator, especially during peak seasons when you're flooded with RFPs and must churn out as many quotes albeit accurately. 

41% of outdoor services businesses reduced bid turnaround time by 50%

Using automated takeoff software brings unparalleled efficiency to the bidding process. 40.6% of outdoor services businesses experienced bid turnaround times cut their bid turnaround time in half. 

Faster bid turnaround time automated takeoff software stats

The faster bid process led to increased sales and opportunities with more bid submissions. Compared to the previous three-day estimates, bids are now completed in just a day or two. Sales teams can now secure more appointments with prospects and customers to boost sales opportunities effectively.

Another 29% have reduced their bid turnaround time by an impressive 30-50% after switching to automated takeoff software.

34% of outdoor services businesses harnessed color-coded HD sitemaps for better collaboration & communication

Automated takeoff software churns out comprehensive measurement reports and high-resolution, color-coded sitemaps. These have the potential to deliver powerful advantages for outdoor services sales teams. 

Communication collaboration improved using automated takeoff software

34% of respondents say that it has improved how they communicate with prospects and collaborate with customers and subcontractors. Customers have reported a range of benefits; let’s have a look. 

21% of respondents built trust with prospects using hyper-detailed sitemaps

Automated takeoff software generated detailed, color-coded sitemaps that have helped 21% of respondents establish trust with potential clients.

Attentive.ai's maps allow you to effectively highlight the areas that require overlaying.
Attentive.ai's hyper-detailed, HD paving maps with property features galore

Andre Young, Sales Manager, Capital City Striping, reports that Attentive.ai's detailed takeoff reports featuring HD sitemaps have been a game-changer. It sets them apart from competitors and boosted their win rate by an estimated 10-20%. 

17% of outdoor services businesses used maps to guide their ops team effectively

Sales teams find the maps invaluable for guiding their crews, as highlighted by 17% of respondents.

Attentive.ai's maps provide Jon King's ops team at Continuum Services and their clients with a crystal-clear view of the team's work. The color-coded, labeled, high-res maps are readily available on their phones during on-site operations, enhancing job performance and ensuring top-notch landscape maintenance.

13% collaborated with customers and subcontractors better using HD sitemaps

The sitemaps facilitate seamless collaboration with prospects, customers, and subcontractors, according to 13% of respondents. These visual representations enable clients to better understand proposed solutions, accurately assess the scope, and make informed decisions.

For instance, paving maintenance and construction businesses acknowledge that by integrating patch and overlay diagrams built on the latest sitemaps into their proposals, they’ve showcased professionalism, expertise, and a comprehensive grasp of the project needs. 

Improved communication and attention to detail enhance the chances of winning bids and securing paving maintenance projects, ultimately elevating your sales process.

48% made proposals more presentable with sitemaps 

An overwhelming 48% of respondents appreciate how sitemaps built on the latest aerial imagery enhanced the presentation of their proposals, leaving a lasting impression on their clients.

Enhancing proposals by adding detailed, HD sitemaps using automated takeoff software

Our customers acknowledge that using detailed takeoff reports has garnered excellent feedback, making a lasting impression on clients and giving the company a competitive edge. The level of detail and professionalism in the reports has left clients genuinely impressed and has proven instrumental in closing more opportunities.

21% of outdoor services businesses improving bid win rate by more than 30% with automated takeoff software

Using automated takeoff software not only helps you save time and bid more but it also enables your team to win more. Done-for-you takeoffs are a game-changer when it comes to winning bids. Respondents have experienced significant improvements:

  • 21% celebrated a bid win rate improvement of more than 30%.
  • 13% achieved an improvement between 20-30%.
  • 34% reported a bid win rate improvement between 10-20% since automating their takeoff process.
  • 32% witnessed an improvement of less than 10%.

Another user of Attentive.ai's automated takeoff software, Andy Grider’s Southern Sun Landscaping, a Virginia-based premier landscaping maintenance company, says the impact has been remarkable. With faster bid turnaround times, trust from clients has soared. Adding HD sitemaps and service diagrams in proposals has been a game-changer, elevating the overall win rate on landscaping jobs.

70% of outdoor services businesses streamlined their sales process and improved interdepartmental collaboration

70% of respondents say automating their takeoffs has streamlined their sales process and enhanced collaboration within their sales and operations team. 

Here, by infusing automation into the sales process, landscaping teams can elevate their customer service, increasing renewals and opportunities for landscape enhancements. This includes offering additional services and add-ons to existing maintenance clients beyond the contract. 

Moreover, in smaller landscaping companies, automation helps alleviate the burden of multiple responsibilities from a single person, fostering greater efficiency and productivity.

Switching to automated site takeoffs for landscaping maintenance, snow, and ice management, and paving maintenance jobs, enables your sales teams to excel in: 

54% streamlined their sales process

Over half (54%) of our customers noted that automating their takeoffs streamlined their sales process, freeing up time for other crucial activities.

Streamline sales process with automated takeoff software

With automation, sales teams are handling a higher volume of projects without compromising accuracy, leading to increased productivity and more opportunities. Plus, with accurate (automated) measurements, you reduce the chances of overbidding/underbidding and easily send out more competitive bids.

16% of outdoor industry businesses enhanced collaboration by automating their takeoffs

Using automated takeoff software fosters collaboration within sales and operations teams, as acknowledged by 16% of respondents.

Automating takeoffs has enhanced collaboration with subcontractors, prospects, and within teams. With features like takeoff access sharing and interactive sitemaps, you can ensure clear communication, efficient resource allocation, and a shared understanding of project plans.

19% increased bandwidth for strategic tasks

19% of respondents now have increased bandwidth for strategic tasks, thanks to time savings provided by automated takeoff software.

By eliminating manual, tedious measurement tasks, you can empower your estimators and AMs to prioritize strategic tasks like generating reports, conducting analyses, and pursuing new projects. According to Alex Ramirez, Regional Landscape Analyst at Monarch Landscape Companies' NorthWest Division, "Attentive.ai frees up more of our time to be flexible." And Monarch Landscape Companies sent out 40% more bids with Attentive.ai.

29% of outdoor industry businesses now have better proposals; better win rates with automated takeoff software

Accurate takeoffs and sitemaps built on the latest aerial imagery drastically improve your proposal quality. This led to improved win rates for 29% of respondents.

Switch to automated takeoff software!

As you can see, incorporating automation into your bidding process can do wonders for your sales. By using automated takeoff software, you can free up your account managers' and estimators’ bandwidth for strategic tasks like generating new leads, expanding your sales funnel, focusing on bigger projects, and capitalizing on upselling opportunities.

In this competitive industry, 400+ outdoor services businesses trust Attentive.ai to drive success in their sales process. Experience the transformative power of Attentive.ai’s automated takeoff software for your sales team today and win more jobs.

To learn more about how Attentive.ai can unlock success for your outdoor services sales team, book a personalized demo with our solutions expert.