June 14, 2023

How Capital City Striping Gained A Competitive Edge With Attentive.ai

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How Capital City Striping Gained A Competitive Edge With Attentive.ai

Capital City Striping is a leading parking lot maintenance company in South Carolina, serving a wide range of properties, including shopping malls, churches, warehouses, and sports fields. With over 10 years of experience, they specialize in ADA compliance, wheel stop installation, seal coating, and crack filling when it comes to refreshing existing parking lot lines or creating new layouts.

We recently had a conversation with Andre Young, Sales Manager at Capital City Striping, about his experience after switching to Attentive.ai. 

Capital City Striping key wins with Attentive.ai
Capital City Striping key wins with Attentive.ai

Capital City Striping Drastically Reduced Their Takeoff Time With Attentive.ai

Before utilizing Attentive.ai's automated takeoff software, Andre's team spent significant time, around 5-10 hours a week, on parking lot measurements. Given the extensive geographical area they cover, physically visiting each location for accurate assessments became a time-consuming task. 

“We typically cover potentially like a 100-mile radius in terms of work that we would consider doing. And when you're getting calls for quotes for properties that we knew we needed to see in person because our existing software was too unreliable to base our assessment off of that,” says Andre.

“We would physically have to drive, you know, up to 100-150 miles to a location just to take measurements. And just the process of trying to count the number of stalls, create a border for the area we're gonna be working on was very time intensive,” he adds.

By transitioning to Attentive.ai, they eliminated the need for on-site visits, saving valuable hours. The software facilitated easy setup and quick parameter adjustments, reducing the measurement process to just a matter of 5 minutes. Consequently, this time-saving feature empowered the team to focus on generating more paving bids. And they could reach out to customers beyond their immediate area.

Capital City Striping Accelerates Its Bid Turnaround Time By 40%

Incorporating automated takeoffs into their bidding process resulted in a remarkable 40% reduction in bid turnaround time for Capital City Striping. Previously, they faced challenges juggling multiple projects, leading to delayed bid submissions and missed opportunities.

However, with Attentive.ai's efficient workflow, the team experienced enhanced speed and agility in creating bids. Andre shares, “In most cases, when someone contacts me about a bid on their property, I can tell them that we can have something for you by the end of the next day. And that's normally a big contrast to the other contractors that they're used to dealing with.” 

This enables them to showcase their commitment to timely service. Compared to competitors still using traditional methods, Capital City Striping's rapid response time has positioned them as a preferred choice among clients.

How is the team at Capital City Striping utilizing the time saved on site measurements?

Andre explains, “By not spending time traveling to sites that may not be guaranteed to even get the job, we're able to send more bids for places that are outside of our immediate area. And earlier, we may decline to put a bid in for a job because it was just too far away. But now, we can reach out to more customers outside of our 30-40-mile radius and provide more quotes for them.”

Here are a few things Andre’s team can now focus on since they’ve eliminated the need for time-consuming on-site visits.

Expanding bid opportunities beyond the immediate area

Andre's team can now send out more bids to locations outside their immediate radius- projects they couldn’t on before. This has boosted their hit rate- chances of securing new contracts.

Providing comprehensive and engaging quotes

The time saved on measurements allows Andre's team to create more engaging and informative quotes for their customers. 

“A lot of what we're hearing as far as feedback is that we're providing customers with information that they didn't even know about their property,” quips Andre. 

His team can now gather detailed information about the customer's property to prepare a winning paving maintenance proposal. This includes the number of stalls and linear square footage, positioning them as industry experts and differentiating them from competitors.

Engaging in meaningful customer conversations

With access to detailed property information, Andre's team can engage in more meaningful conversations with customers. They can confidently discuss project details, address customer inquiries, and provide tailored recommendations.

By demonstrating their knowledge and attention to detail, Andre's team builds trust and establishes stronger relationships with their customers.

Capital City Striping is sending out 30% more bids with increased accuracy

The time saved through automated takeoffs allowed Capital City Striping to send out 30% more bids than before. This surge in bid volume resulted in expanded outreach to customers outside their typical radius. 

Moreover, Attentive.ai's precise measurements eliminated the inaccuracies associated with manual calculations, providing them with accurate takeoff data for cost estimation. “Previously, we had been underestimating our bids by nearly 25%. So when we're not accurate with our numbers, we don't have the right data on how much paint and seal coat we need. Those things impact your price and profit margin,” says Andre.

With Attentive.ai's precise measurements, Capital City Striping now possesses accurate numbers, ensuring their bids align with actual costs.

Capital City Striping Boosts Their Win Rate and Customer Satisfaction Levels

The detailed reports generated by Attentive.ai have proven instrumental in distinguishing Capital City Striping from competitors and increasing its win rate by an estimated 10-20%. 

“We deal with clients in the paving industry evaluating multiple contractors. And their bids all start looking the same; making a memorable impression is tough. But ever since we started using Attentive.ai's takeoff reports, the feedback we've received has been amazing. We could stand out from the competition with an edge in closing more opportunities. Clients are genuinely impressed with the level of detail and professionalism they see in our reports,” explains Andre.

The level of detail conveyed in our reports showcases professionalism and helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their properties. This heightens the level of transparency and expertise, positioning Capital City Striping as the preferred choice among clients seeking thorough and accurate assessments.

How Capital City Striping chose Attentive.ai (and you can too)

“When we decided that we would sign up with Attentive.ai, we had a project coming up. And we wanted to compare what we did manually versus what your takeoff software was able to do,” says Andre.

“And we took our time with that project because we wanted to get it right. But once we got the report back, we were sold because your measurements matched perfectly with what we came up with. What we did by hand, we could do with Attentive.ai in a couple of clicks,” he adds.

Attentive.ai’s automated takeoff software has sped up Capital City Striping's bidding process and elevated its competitive advantage. So, if you’re not sold yet, sign up with Attentive.ai and witness the difference firsthand. 

Say goodbye to a sluggish sales process and hello to exponential growth today!


What were the advantages of implementing automated takeoff software for Capital City Striping?

By utilizing Attentive.ai's automated takeoff software, Capital City Striping experienced the following benefits:

  • Significant reductions in on-site measurement time
  • Allowed their team to focus on generating more bids and expanding their customer reach beyond their immediate area
  • Accelerated their bid turnaround time by 40%
  • Increased their win rate by 20%, positioning them as a preferred choice among clients.

How did the precise measurements provided by Attentive.ai impact Capital City Striping's bidding accuracy and profit margin?

Attentive.ai's accurate measurements eliminated the inaccuracies that often occur with manual calculations, ensuring precise data for cost estimation. In the past, Capital City Striping had underestimated their bids by approximately 25%, potentially resulting in profit loss. However, now, their bids now align with actual costs, significantly improving their bidding accuracy and profit margin.

How did Attentive.ai's detailed takeoff reports contribute to Capital City Striping's differentiation from competitors and increased win rate?

Attentive.ai's comprehensive takeoff reports played a pivotal role in setting Capital City Striping apart from its competitors. The reports provided a higher level of detail and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on clients and contributing to an estimated 10-20% increase in their win rate. Clients appreciated the transparency and expertise reflected in the thorough and accurate reports.