May 5, 2022

How Lonestar Landscape Reduced Time Spent on Manual Takeoffs by 95% with

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How Lonestar Landscape Reduced Time Spent on Manual Takeoffs by 95% with

Lonestar Landscape is a Texas-based luxury landscape and maintenance company. It is a $5 million company serving commercial and residential clients throughout the Dallas-Fort area and is growing at a rapid pace. Kenny, who is an Account Manager at Lonestar Landscape, started using in November 2021. He became interested in software when he realized that the platform fully automates the measurement process and is saving many landscaping companies thousands of dollars across the U.S.Kenny started using the platform on a free trial. On realizing how easy it is to use the platform and the value it can add to his company, he became a Pro user and has realized tremendous benefits since then.

Lonestar Landscape key wins with
Lonestar Landscape key wins with helps Lonestar save 95% of their time

When we spoke to Kenny for the first time, he was spending 4 hours on Google Earth every week to make measurements, in addition to multiple site visits to verify those measurements. He started feeling the need to hire an assistant just for the manual measurement process.

With, the entire measurement process now takes less than 15 minutes.

Lonestar Landscape saves 95% time with

Our calculations show this is going to save Lonestar more than 350 hours a year, which is worth $15,000 in sales personnel wages. With, he no longer needs to spend hours drawing polygons on outdated maps and he is able to spend more time building relationships with customers.

Kenny is now spending his time on prospecting, lead nurturing, and account management. He has been successful in increasing his top-of-the-funnel and converting more leads.

Bids submitted increased by 2X

There’s often a brief window to make bid submissions, and the sales team has to move fast to get them done in time. This situation only worsens during the peak season, when bids start pouring in thick and fast.

Lonestar Landscape doubles its bids with

Now, Kenny is able to churn out measurements effortlessly with's AI takeoff software and submit all bids in time. Being able to put in up to 10 measurement requests at a time, he is never late for submission.

Even better, Lonestar has doubled the number of bids it submitted in a month.

Bid accuracy optimized to the tune of 20%

Based on his analysis of bids submitted and actual operations on the ground, Kenny observed that Lonestar would often bleed money and suffer from low-profit margins because of inaccurate estimates. This problem worsened during the peak season when Kenny was forced to guesstimate having to manage many properties at once. accurate estimates allow Lonestar to get a clear picture of their costs and quote accordingly. He has optimized bid quotations up to ~20%, enabling him to hit the intended margins. When asked what he likes the most about property measurement reports, Kenny mentioned how the detailed sitemaps help him estimate the properties accurately.'s HD interactive property sitemaps differentiate between multiple features - lawn, sidewalk, parking lots, mulch beds, pavement, gravel beds, etc. They have given him an added edge over his competitors and helped him land more bids.

How can help you? software has given Lonestar an edge over its competitors and it plans to keep using the platform to measure more properties, win more bids, and increase its sales. The benefits of automation are noticeable instantly with

You can compare the numbers between measuring manually and using automated takeoffs help more than 200 companies save thousands of dollars and reclaim hundreds of hours. To know more about how it can help your business, talk to us today.