April 4, 2023

How Automated Takeoffs Boosted a Montreal Landscaping Company's Lead Generation By 15%

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How Automated Takeoffs Boosted a Montreal Landscaping Company's Lead Generation By 15%

This is one of Canada’s leading landscaping and snow management companies based in Montreal, Quebec. With over 50 years of experience, the company offers services, including landscape management, horticultural services, landscape design, grounds management, snow removal, arboriculture, and facilities management.

Yara Kfouri, the company's Assistant Account Manager, has been using Attentive.ai property measurement software for nearly a year now. Keep reading to discover the impressive outcomes Yara's team has achieved with Attentive.ai in creating landscaping and snow job proposals.

How Automated Takeoffs Transformed a Montreal Landscaping Company's Sales Process
Key benefits for the Montreal-based landscaping company after switching to Attentive.ai's automated takeoffs

Cutting Their Time In Half With Automated Takeoffs

On an average-sized property, the amount of time it took for Yara’s team to measure properties was near to 10 hours per week. Before using Attentive.ai property measurement software for site measurements, Yara’s team relied on manual measurement methods

By signing up with Attentive.ai, they cut the time in half. 

“We did a pilot project with Attentive.ai where we internally measured some properties. We evaluated the time it took us and the $ value of the missed bid opportunities because we were focused on purely measuring. Once we had that data, we used Automeasure to measure the same properties. Guess what? Internally, it took us three days to measure six properties. But with Attentive.ai only took us a day and a half,” elaborates Yara.

So, it took them only half the time that it used to for measuring properties. “And even in terms of cost, it made sense for us to switch to Attentive.ai,” adds Yara.

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How are BDs using the time saved courtesy of automated takeoffs?

Since Yara’s team could automate their property measurements, they had a considerable amount of time at hand to focus on sending out bids and proposals. 

How BDs are using the time saved, thanks to automated takeoffs from Attentive.ai

Talking about how they used to send out bids prior to using Attentive.ai, Yara quips, “Since we are a seasonal company, obviously, during winter, most of our clients send out bids so that by the time in summer, they have their contracts finalized. And my colleague and I take the time to measure properties. Until we do that, the account managers can’t really send out proposals and estimates because they don’t have the information,”

Here’s how that changed after Yara’s team automated their takeoffs

Now, with Attentive.ai, Yara’s team can send takeoffs and detailed sitemaps to account managers. It frees up more time on their end to research clients, their budgets, and what else they might need. “We spend our time conducting site evaluations and preparing exhaustive site reports putting on top of the maintenance contract.”

According to Yara, their business’s lead generation has improved by 15%.

Generating more sales, thanks to automated takeoffs

Since automating property takeoffs has sped up the bidding process for Yara’s team, they are able to analyze the sites via routine audits and evaluations. 

“Basically, seeing the deficit in sites has continued to help us propose new projects to enhance the quality of the site. So, the time that we usually spend on measurements is now directed towards generating more sales for the company,” tells Yara.

Achieving a 30% faster bid turnaround with automated takeoffs

We were happy to hear that Yara had a great example to share with us where her team had to submit bids for large-scale properties comprising shopping malls and so on. Here, as Yara mentions, “It’d have taken us a full week due to the size of the properties. But, with Attentive.ai property measurement software, the team got the takeoffs done within a day’s span.”

This worked out perfectly for them. “We have time constraints, sometimes we will receive a very last minute bid to submit, and they give us like only 3-4 days to work on it,” Measuring sites internally would not have allowed them actually to send a price by the deadline.

But using Attentive.ai, Yara’s team gets even two extra days to review and fine-tune their pricing before submission.

Hence, automating the takeoff process has allowed Yara’s team to send out more bids and be more meticulous in creating estimates and identifying upselling opportunities.

Optimizing bid accuracy with automated takeoffs built on the latest aerial imagery

When Yara’s team compared the accuracy of their in-house measurements with Attentive.ai automated takeoffs, the former was off by 3%. Now that they have auto-generated takeoffs built on up-to-date aerial imagery, the bid accuracy has improved.

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Experiencing Attentive.ai easy-to-use platform 

Yara explains that since she’s the one who handles takeoffs for her company even when she isn’t available, it’s super-easy for her colleagues to use Automeasure as well. 

There’s no need to extensively train the rest of her team for them to use Attentive.ai property measurement software because “it’s so user friendly, easy, straight to the point, graphic, and interactive that anyone can easily pick up on how to use it,” adds Yara saying that whereas other programs are a bit more complicated and hard to use.

Since Attentive.ai's platform is self-explanatory and offers easy access to features, it makes it easier for teams to roll out more proposals faster.

How Attentive.ai can help you?

Attentive.ai automated takeoffs have allowed Yara’s estimating team to free up some time to focus on bigger projects and other tasks like generating new leads and sending out more bids. It allows their account managers easy access and fast turnover on takeoffs to build estimates.

Attentive.ai automation capabilities are a game-changer! With just a click of a button, experience an instant transformation in your businesses with automated measurements.

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What challenges did the Montreal-based landscaping and snow company face in its business operations before implementing Attentive.ai automated takeoffs?

Before switching to Attentive.ai automated takeoffs, Yara's team spent near to 10 hours per week solely on manually measuring sites. This way, they were unable to identify upselling opportunities and focus on creating meticulous estimates.

How did Attentive.ai's automated takeoffs help the Montreal-based landscaping and snow company improve its revenue?

  1. The company saves 50% of its time with automated takeoffs.
  2. They can now focus on generating leads, identifying upselling opportunities, sending out more bids, and prepping better estimates.
  3. They have improved their bid accuracy and bid turnaround time with automated takeoffs.

How has Attentive.ai helped Yara's team generate more sales?

Thanks to the time and effort saved by using automated takeoffs, Yara's team was able to see the deficit in sites. This enabled them to propose new projects to enhance the quality of the sites inspected. So, more projects in hand and more bids sent out have resulted in generating more sales for the company.