January 11, 2024

H&H Striping Doubles Win Rate with Attentive.ai Automated Takeoffs

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For parking lot maintenance and striping businesses, the race is on to be the first to bid and impress, ensuring they stay on top in a tough market. H&H Striping, a dynamic, family-owned business run by Bill Hyde and his brother, understands this all too well. Specializing in parking lot striping, seal coating, and asphalt and concrete services, H&H Striping has carved out a niche for itself by leveraging cutting-edge tech. 

Their recent switch to Attentive.ai's automated site measurements has marked a pivotal moment in their sales efficiency.

H&H Striping’s Challenges Before Attentive.ai

Before the shift to Attentive.ai, H&H Striping was entrenched in conventional, manual measurement methods. This approach, while reliable, was time-consuming and often imprecise. "I would always have a piece of paper and a measuring wheel," Bill Hyde recalls. The need for a more efficient method was evident.

The Decision to Switch to Attentive.ai

The turning point for H&H Striping came when the inefficiencies of traditional methods could no longer be ignored. "My friend, Chris with Welch StripeCo, showed me the software," says Bill, signaling the moment he realized the potential of Attentive.ai in transforming his business processes.

Key Wins for H&H Striping with Attentive.ai's Automated Site Measurements

H&H Striping key wins with Attentive.ai's automated property measurements
H&H Striping key wins with Attentive.ai's automated property measurements

H&H Striping’s journey from traditional to tech-driven measurements highlights how embracing innovation can lead to transformative business outcomes.

Dramatic Time Savings

“Measuring small lots typically took us 1-2 hours per property, with tasks like seal coating requiring perimeter measurements to calculate square footage," Bill notes. 

Let Bill take you through how Attentive.ai's automated property measurement software works

He adds that as Attentive.ai does the takeoffs for me, it allows him additional time to:

highlighting the stark difference brought in when cutting on time spent on measurements.

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Increased Bidding Opportunities

The efficiency gains have translated into a 100% increase in bids sent and won. "I've been able to send out at least double the amount," Bill proudly states.

3 step parking lot measurements process with Attentive.ai automated measurement software- Input address, confirm lot boundary, and approve takeoff
3-step parking lot measurements process with Attentive.ai

Enhanced Accuracy and Professionalism

 The precision offered by Attentive.ai has minimized errors in bidding, ensuring more accurate project estimations. "They're very accurate," says Bill when discussing the reliability of Attentive.ai’s measurements.

Improved Client Relations for H&H Striping

The detailed, color-coded sitemaps have significantly enhanced client interactions, providing transparency and building trust.

H&H Striping improves their pitch with Attentive.ai's parking lot measurement software
H&H Striping enhances its pitch with Attentive.ai's parking lot measurement software

“It allows us to show our clients exactly where their money is going.”

Better Operational Planning

The software can improve project planning, especially for larger jobs, aiding in phase-wise execution and coordination.

For Bill, using color-coded HD sitemaps has changed his approach to project management. With clear color distinctions, he can prioritize tasks efficiently, tackling stencils or stalls in a logical sequence. This visual clarity streamlines coordination, especially on complex, smaller lots, and prevents overlap or confusion. 

Paving asphalt sitemap with measurements on Attentive.ai
Paving asphalt sitemap with measurements on Attentive.ai

It's not just about aesthetics; it's about simplifying planning and execution for better, more organized outcomes.

Fuel Cost Reduction

A notable decrease in the need for site visits has led to substantial savings in fuel costs.

Attentive Customer Support & Technological Impact

Bill’s experience with Attentive.ai’s customer support has been overwhelmingly positive, adding another layer of satisfaction to their overall experience. 

And on the role of technology in the paving and striping industry, Bill believes that automated solutions like Attentive.ai are essential for advancement and efficiency.

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Why H&H Striping Recommends Attentive.ai

For businesses pondering the switch to automated solutions, Bill's endorsement is straightforward: "The time saved, 100%." He also emphasizes the professionalism and precision in bids that Attentive.ai brings.

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Join H&H Striping & 500+ field services businesses 

H&H Striping's experience is a clear-cut example of how AI can transform your performance in the paving and striping industry. By adopting Attentive.ai, they have not only streamlined their operations but also unlocked new growth opportunities. For businesses looking to revolutionize their sales efforts, Attentive.ai is the answer to driving efficiency and professionalism.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level like H&H Striping? Discover the impact of Attentive.ai’s automated site measurements. Sign up on Attentive.ai's platform, measure your first two sites for free, and see how technology can power up your business efforts!


What is parking line striping?

Parking line striping, also known as parking lot striping or line marking, is the process of applying paint to a parking lot to create individual parking spaces, directional arrows, handicap accessible spaces, and other markings. This ensures the efficient and organized use of the space, improves traffic flow, and enhances safety for drivers and pedestrians.

What is the app that measures parking lots?

Attentive.ai measures parking lots & other pavement maintenance & construction spaces with AI. It automates the measurement process, offering takeoffs with high-def, color-coded sitemaps built on the latest aerial imagery, significantly reducing the time and effort required for on-site measurements.

How do you measure a parking lot?

Traditionally, measuring a parking lot involves physically using measuring tapes or wheels to determine the length and width of the parking area, as well as any additional features like medians or islands. However, with Attentive.ai's AI software, users can input the address of the property, and the app generates accurate measurements using aerial imagery, saving time and increasing precision. This allows for quick bid submissions and eases the planning of line striping and maintenance projects.